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Jahr 2014 Ausgabe 04




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Prof. Dr Herbert Deppe

On this years’ 44th congress of the DGZI in Düsseldorf, I was elected president of the society by the members’ assembly after being assessor of the executive committee for three years. In my role as the president-elect, I want to move forward the intensification of the contacts with other specialised fields as periodontology or colleagues from prosthetics and biomechanics. Thereby, I would like to extend the already existing personal contacts as well as those of the DGZI and also initiate joint congresses with other specialised fields as the German Association for Periodontology. Furthermore, it is my heartfelt concern to intensify the collaboration between oral maxillofacial surgeons and the dental profession...




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Clinical and radiological performance of short implants - A clinical study with two years follow up

Dr Jean-Nicolas Hasson, Dr Jacques Hassid, Dr Dominique Aubazac, France & Paul Zeman PhD, Switzerland

The aim of this study was to assess the clinical and radiological performance of short (6.5 mm) implants inserted in the premolar and molar regions of the maxillae. Eligible patients had to have a residual bone height of at least 6.5 mm and a bone width of at least 6.0 mm. Restoration was performed as single crowns or fixed large-span bridges and followed for up to two years after insertion...


Permanent implant prostheses - Chairside manufacture of a hybrid abutment crown

Dr Arzu Tuna, Dr Umut Baysal & Dr Rainer Valentin, Germany

In the past ten years, CAD/CAM restorations have been established as standard in implant prostheses. The advantages of such restorations include the chairside use of full ceramics and digital impressions. Owing to the introduction of ceramic blocks with prefabricated twist-proof screw channels, the workflow for the chairside manufacture of individual hybrid abutments and hybrid abutment crowns can be applied in daily practice. By means of the cases reported in this article, the indications, suitable materials and attachments, and related studies are discussed...


Improvements in digital implant prosthetics

Dr Joannis Katsoulis, Switzerland

In contemporary dental medicine, computers and implants are closely linked. By dealing with this topic, the question arises whether one can speak about a(n) (r)evolution in planning and manufacturing of implant-supported reconstructions in the field of implant prosthetics...


Manufacturer News


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Dental implant competitors shake things up

Kristina Vidug, USA

In 2013, the global dental implant market—composed of the sale of dental implant fixtures, final abutments and other devices—was valued at over US$3.7 billion. The European market, valued at nearly one-third of the global market at close to US$1.2 billion, contracted through 2014, as uncertain economic conditions continued to reduce procedure volumes and as more low-cost competitors entered the market, driving down prices...


Cost–benefit and affordability of dental implant restorations

Prof. Hugo de Bruyn, Belgium

Nowadays, dental implants are well established in daily practice and are well known and accepted by the public. They allow anchorage of removable and fixed dental prostheses in a predictable way. The efforts of scientists in collaboration with the implant industry have led to continuous improvement in clinical outcomes owing to the modification of implant surfaces, implant design and prosthetic connections. Together with a better understanding of biology, these developments yield fewer implant failures despite the usage of implants in compromised or at-risk patients...


Interview: Dentistry from the heart: Dr Suheil Michael Boutros

Dr Suheil Michael Boutros

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“Taking the advantages of digital dentistry to a new level”


3Shape?s latest release of the TRIOS® digital impression solution was presented in Chicago Midwinter, where especially the new Shade Measurement and HD Photo features created a stir among dental professionals. The dentist Dr Simon Kold evaluated the new features.


Is continuing education of implant dentistry sending the wrong message?The risk of extinction

Dr Sebastian Saba & Dr Michael Moscovitch, Canada

Over the past few years, it appears that there has been increase in continuing education. Many of the courses are about implant dentistry and the conventional courses that form the basis of learning the skills of saving teeth have been fewer in number. Obviously, everybody wants to learn how to surgically place a dental implant. It appears that some apparent “need” of patients has driven clinicians to subscribe to these weekend courses in surgery so they can respond to these patient “needs.” However, patients see their dentist regularly to save their teeth, not to have their teeth sacrificed for implant dentistry. Are we sending the wrong message here?


Simplifying dental implant treatment


From 25 to 27 September 2014, more than 4,000 people gathered for the 23rd European Association for Osseointegration’s (EAO) scientific meeting in Rome. Dentists and industry specialists came from across the world to hear international experts describing the latest developments in implant dentistry...


On the test bench: Concepts for implantology

Dr Georg Bach

Celebrating the 44th annual congress of a scientific society is in itself a special event—if one can additionally choose the beautiful scenery of a Rhine metropolis, an extraordinary combination is developed!”—Using these words, Prof. Dr Roland Hille, vice-president of the German Society for Oral Implantology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-ärztliche Implantologie, DGZI), who was also congress-president, hits the point...


Interview: „Hold the profile of the DGZI and intensify contacts to other scientific societies”

Markus Brakel, Germany

On the 44th annual congress of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI), Prof. Dr Herbert Deppe was elected president of the society by the members’ assembly. For three years, Prof. Deppe was assessor of the executive committee. As associate professor for dental surgery and implantology he teaches at the TU Munich and due to his huge engagement he has a lot of contacts to other scientific societies and institutions in the dental world. In the following interview carried out by Markus Brakel, press spokesman of the DGZI, Prof. Deppe talks about goals and challenges concerning his presidency but also the DGZI in total.


bone & tissue days 2014

Georg Isbaner

From 18 to 20 September, more than 800 international participants joined the bone & tissue days in Berlin. With more than 65 speakers and about 20 workshops, an ambitious further education training was put together in the area of dental augmentation techniques. Local experts and specialists from university spoke about new, innovative technologies, treatment and therapy concepts. Thereby, they were accompanied by live operations and practical exercises. The event was organised by the company botiss whose headquarter is in Berlin. A further topic of the congress was the recently established cooperation between Straumann and botiss...


Dentium World Symposium

Georg Isbaner

On 24 and 25 October, the South Korean implant manufacturer Dentium invited to a two-day symposium in New York. More than 900 participants joined the event. Since 14 years now, Dentium which is after all number two in the Asian market has made itself a name with practice-oriented solutions and a full range of implant products.




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