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Jahr 2015 Ausgabe 02




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Editorial: Wind of change

Dr Georg Bach

Times are changing—with their song “Wind of Change”, the Scorpions recognised the changing political situation in Europe already in 1990 and captured the spirit of the time. Our profession as implantologists is evolving currently in nearly as vehement a manner as these changes in the past. This assessment is not related to the political situation that affects our profession and work; it is due to the shift from analogue to digital dentistry...




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The challenge of aesthetic implant restoration

Dr Jan Spieckermann & Jörg Wildenhain, Germany

The demands of treatment with implants are high, particularly in the aesthetically relevant areas. In the case of difficult morphological conditions, the individual wishes of patients regarding their natural appearance represent a major challenge for the treatment team. A host of materials and techniques for crowns and abutments allow for perfect imitation of the tooth structure. However, aesthetic restoration is only successful if a natural periimplant hard and soft tissue profile can be preserved or reconstructed. The following case study illustrates the complexity of implant treatment for combined horizontal and vertical bone resorption after the traumatic loss of the left central incisor...


Quality of implant surfaces and deficient osseointegration - Part I: Deficient implant surfaces and production processes

Dr Nikolaos Papagiannoulis

Implant failures occur regularly and are thus part of everyday practice. Manufacturers claim success rates above 99 per cent. As experience has shown, however, such rates seldom correlate with practice. They are perfect for marketing purposes, but do not give any feedback about the true reason for implant failure. Often, data from independent studies is lacking or analysis from the manufacturer is classified...


Treatment of an unusual presentation of radicular cysts

Dr Manthan Desai, India

Radicular cysts are the most common (52–68 per cent) cystic lesions affecting the jaw.1 They are commonly found at the apices of involved teeth and sometimes lateral to accessory root canals. They are a direct sequel of chronic periapical infection.1 Most of them are asymptomatic and are discovered when periapical radiographs are taken of teeth with non-vital pulps. Patients often complain of slowly enlarging swellings. Radiographically, most radicular cysts appear as round or pear-shaped unilocular radiolucent lesions in the periapical region. The cyst may displace adjacent teeth or cause mild root resorption...


Mixed picture: The state of periodontology in the UK

Prof. Francis Hughes, London

The UK is gearing up to host the largest conference in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry ever held with EuroPerio8 taking place on 3–6 June at London ExCel. Over 100 speakers will contribute to the main scientific programme and there are many additional sponsor sessions. Over 1,500 abstracts have been accepted. Already over 7,000 periodontists, implantologists, general dentists and dental hygienists from 96 different countries have confirmed their attendance. We expect to have nearly 10,000 people at the conference in total, a new record for a conference in this field, and it is till not too late to register...


Manufacturer News


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“It is our mission to simplify dental -implantology”


MIS Implants Technologies is a global specialist in the de-velopment and production of advanced dental implantology products and solutions. The company, which started as a fa-mily-run business, was found-ed in 1995—a time when not many -people understood the potential of dental implants, CEO Idan Kleifeld told Dental Tribune -International (DTI) at a meeting at the beginning of 2015...


Interview: ClaroNav introduces new device for navigated surgery

Tom Tilmans, Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA & Timo Krause, Germany

ClaroNav is dedicated to the development of surgical navigation solutions. At current IDS, ClaroNav introduced its new device Navident, which is an affordable and practical dynamic navigator for dental surgeons. Timo Krause spoke to Tom Tilmans, Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, about the new developments.


Interview: 3-D printing: Next generation of dental modelling

Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys & Georg Isbaner, Germany

With 3-D colour scans and colour prints, dentistry has made some significant advancements in digitalization in recent years. At the 2015 International Dental Show (IDS), manufacturer of 3-D printers and production systems Stratasys presented a new system to the dental industry: Objet260 Dental Selection. With this printer, practitioners are able to create models with lifelike textures for precise evaluation and a wide range of shades for customized shade matching. Georg Isbaner, editorial manager of implants, spoke with Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental at Stratasys, about the company’s latest development.


Biggest IDS of all time in Cologne - Growth in the number of visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space


After achieving a record result, the 36th International Dental Show (IDS) that was characterised by an excellent atmosphere closed its doors in Cologne after five days. Around 138,500 trade visitors from 151 countries attended the world's leading trade fair of the dental industry, which corresponded to an increase of almost eleven per cent compared to the previous event. IDS also achieved new records in terms of the number of exhibitors and the exhibition space sold...


6th International CAMLOG Congress


From 9 to 11 June 2016, the 6th International CAMLOG Congress organised by the CAMLOG Foundation takes place in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland. The congress will be held under the motto “Tackling everyday challenges” and will incorporate practical aspects coupled with science for immediate implementation into the workplace.


“We are planning to be the best and biggest EuroPerio to date”


The science at the heart of periodontology and dental therapy will be the focus for thousands of delegates travelling to London's ExCeL Centre this June 3–6, 2015, for the 8th EuroPerio8 congress, held every three years. Over 100 of the world's leading international researchers, clinicians and oral health specialists have been commissioned by the organisers of this global periodontology conference to deliver an impressive programme aimed at imparting the current knowledge in the fields of periodontology and implant dentistry...


Pioneer of implantology celebrates 90th birthday

Jürgen Isbaner

On 16 February, Prof. Dr Dr Hans L. Grafelmann, a pioneer of implantology and the founding president of the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI), celebrated his 90th birthday...




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