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Jahr 2014 Ausgabe 03




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Editorial: A new level in laser dentistry

Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht

Laser dentistry would lose its appeal if there was no development in this innovative technology visible. At this year’s WFLD congress, a portion of this innovative potential, which is still inherent to laser technology, was presented. This includes technical modifications on laser systems combined with new treatment results and indication areas with proved as well as standardised laser systems...




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Er:YAG-Laser - The key factor in the therapy of periimplant inflammations

Jiaoshou (Prof.) Dr Frank Liebaug & Dr Ning Wu, Germany

Today, dental implants are widely accepted by patients and are seen as a desired therapy for the restoration of partly or wholly edentulous jaws. As a result, this therapy option is applied more and more often in the daily practice. It follows that the number of periimplantitis cases, an infection of the periimplant tissue, increases. Thus, periimplant inflammations will become more and more important for dentists in the future...


Alveolar corticotomies by lasercision - A new procedure to accelerate orthodontic treatments

Dr Brice Savard, France

An increasing number of adult patients visit us because they want to regain a more harmonious, aesthetic, young smile. To have “nicely aligned teeth” is a wish that we hear constantly. Dentomaxillary disharmony is a condition that can occur in all of the adult population. This is because over time the teeth start to overlap and/or this overlap increases for various reasons (resorption of the bone base, decreasing periodontium support, parafunction etc.). However, many patients shy away from the idea of having orthodontic treatment...


Laser activated irrigation (Part II): Does the position of the fibre matter?

Prof. Dr Roeland Jozef Gentil De Moor & Dr Maarten Meire, Belgium

The endodontic cleaning and shaping procedures are based on the use of instruments to shape the central body of the root canal system hereby creating a reservoir for the rinsing solutions.1 Irrigants are needed to clean those areas that cannot be touched and reached by endodontic instruments. At present, a combination of irrigants i.e. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and Ethylenediaminetatraacetic acid (EDTA) is favoured as initial and final rinse...


Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma surgery with diode laser

Maziar Mir, Masoud Mojahedi, Jan Tunér, Amir Mansour Shirani & Masoud Shabani, Iran, Germany & Sweden

Laser surgery has many benefits such as maintenance of sterile condition, reduction of bleeding, good possible estimation of cutting depth, precision of cutting, often no need for suturing or bandages, pain reduction, minimally invasive procedure to reduction of patient stress, promotion of wound healing and less scars. Thereby, the patient can often do the routine activities after laser surgery. Many cases have been reported in literature regarding treatment of oral exophetic lesion by laser. In the following case report, we present a treatment Periodontal Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma (PGCG) without suturing...


Subjective acceptance and pain perception of Er:YAG laser therapy in children

Ani Belcheva & Maria Shindova, Bulgaria

Many people report fear of pain as their chief reason for not seeking dental care, furthermore dental anxiety may lead to avoidance of dental care, increasing the risk of caries development and oral diseases.1 It is a multidimensional complex phenomenon, and no one single variable can exclusively account for its development.2...


The Delta Cube laser: a multi-wavelength diode laser (Part I): “Ex vivo” study

Prof. Dr Jean-Paul Rocca, Dr Sylvaine Lesnik-Cannavo & Prof. Dr Carlo Fornaini, France & Italy

Diode lasers are currently in relatively widespread use in dentistry for a number of reasons including their compact design, ease of use and range of applications in the field. It should nonetheless be noted from the outset that the indications are limited to soft tissue (exeresis) and only to the superficial treatment of hard tissue (disinfection) without exeresis...


How crisis made me doubt my degrees!

Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus

When I left Cyprus in March 2013 for a business trip (after two gruelling months due to the total renovation of my dental centre), I could not imagine coming back after three days. I knew that I would have to totally change my professional life after 23 years in dentistry...


Laser application in dental surgery: CO2 laser for soft tissues

Prof. Dr Michael Bornstein

For some years now, laser devices have been facilitating dental treatment procedures - ensuring a quick, precise and almost bleeding-free intervention. Nevertheless, there are still some questions every practitioner is faced with. Which laser is suitable for which treatment? Is a laser a valuable investment in the dental practice? Where is a laser therapy superior to conventional treatment methods? In the present interview, laser addressed some questions to Prof. Dr Michael Bornstein from the University of Bern, who is working in the Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology and thus is an expert in the field of laser surgery.


Düsseldorf - Beauty on the Rhine

Katrin Maiterth

“Düsseldorf mäkt sech fein” (Düsseldorf adorns itself)—this phrase does not only apply for the fifth season—carnival season—which is intensively celebrated in the Rhine metropolis. No matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter: With its fine range of arts and culture, noble restaurants and traditional pubs, first-class architecture as well as wide streets and places, the city is always worth a visit. On the 26 to 27 September, the metropolis at the Rhine is hosting the 23rd Annual Congress of the DGL and LASER START UP 2014...


14th WFLD World Congress: The ever increasing use of laser in dentistry

Aldo Brugnera Jr

The 14th WFLD World Congress took place in Paris on 2 to 4 July at the Maison de La Chimie in partnership with the Oral Implantology World Congress. The 2nd WFLD World Congress had already taken place in Paris in 1990, organised by Prof. Jaques Melcer. 24 years later, it was evident how much laser in dentistry has improved and developed in the Paris WFLD Congress 2014...




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