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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Jahr 2013 Ausgabe 03




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Editorial: Smile aesthetics and occlusion: A controversial topic in dentistry

Dr Sushil Koirala, Editor-in-Chief, President Vedic Institute of Smile Aesthetics (VISA), Kathmandu, Nepal

Cosmetic dentists around the world routinely perform various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that involve occlusion (fillings, crowns, bridges, removable prostheses, -implant-supported restorations, full mouth rehabilitation and orthodontics). Aesthetics is -related to human perception, desires and personality, and is basically guided by social trends, while occlusion is related to forces and entails the relation between the maxillary and mandibular teeth when they are in contact and the masticatory system’s response to the forces generated by the new position of the teeth. Smile aesthetics and occlusion has been, and is still to some extent, controversial, as there are numerous questions related to smile and occlusion that have not been answered with scientific certainty and there are many diverse and polarised opinions regarding this.




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Same-day inlay/onlays strive to save the tooth

Drs Lorin Berland & Sarah Kong, USA

The name of the game in dentistry today is to save the tooth for use in the future. In this age of adhesive dentistry, respecting and preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure as well as improving aesthetics have become components of value as well. With today’s advanced technology and materials, longevity is mainly a matter of diagnosis, correct treatment planning and proper execution of technique.


Dentofacial aesthetic analysis using 3-D software - Synergy between aesthetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine

Dr Valerio Bini, Italy

Dentofacial abnormalities are alterations in facial proportion and dental relationships, and such abnormalities in dental and facial appearance often lead to societal discrimination. While orthodontic treatment restores correct dental relationships, it is often not sufficient to solve the facial disharmony and certainly cannot resolve the accompanying psychological difficulties in certain patients (Fig. 1a)...


Digital dental -photography - Settings for your camera and lighting systems

Dr François Grossetti, France

Dentistry as a profession can either be a source of immense satisfaction or a routine treadmill. One of the ways to enhance satis-faction is by using dental photography,1 which is a wonderful means to appreciate what can be achieved with current treatment, gratifying to both the clinician and patient, and helping to transform routine practice into a passionate pleasure...


Periodontal tissue repair in the -aesthetic zone

Prof. Giulio Rasperini & Dr Giorgio Pagni, Italy

Periodontal regeneration (PR) has provided the practitioner with a more conservative therapeutic strategy for the treatment of infrabony periodontal defects. In fact, PR not only helps reducing periodontal pocket depth (PPD), but it also allows to gain clinical attachment level (CAL) with minimal negative effects on gingival recession (REC), which is particularly important when treating aesthetic areas...


Structure and volume in delayed immediate implantation

Dr Georg Bach & Christian Müller, Germany

Delayed immediate implantation is a viable -alternative to immediate implantation, for which there is no distinct evaluation in the literature, and a “regular” implantation after complete osseous healing of the former extraction area, generally associated with volume loss...


Kuraray Europe introduces a unique desensitiser: TEETHMATE DESENSITIZER


With TEETHMATE DESENSITIZER, which has been launched officially in September 2013, Kuraray Europe is introducing a unique desensitiser that sets new standards...


Progressive educational -collaboration in Asia Pacific region


On 26 August 2013, a memorandum of -understanding (MoU) was signed that officially launched an international joint project to establish the MiCD and TMJA Harmony International Training and Treatment Center at the Faculty of Dentistry of Thammasat University.


International Events


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Aabout the publisher


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