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Jahr 2016 Ausgabe 01




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Editorial: Light to brighten the future

Kenji Yoshida

We sincerely welcome all of you to Nagoya, Japan, on the occasion of the 15 thCongress of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry from July 17 to 19 2016 in Nagoya, Japan...




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Fluorescence-guided caries excavation of decayed teeth An ex vivo study

ZA Martin Augenstein, Prof. Dr Matthias Frentzen, Germany

The goal of caries excavation is the elimination of bacterially infected dentin to give the maximal conservation of healthy dental hard tissue as well as to maintainthevitality of the dental pulp. 1 Dentin layers near the pulp which can be remineralised—affected dentin—should be preserved in terms of an atraumatictherapy. 2, 3 There are several techniques to determine the endpoint of the excavation clinically. One of these techniquesis the examination of the hardness of the cavityfloor using a dental probe. For this type of test, the dental probe must not infiltrate the materialfurther; the “Crie dentaire“ must be audible. How - ever,thistest is not objectifiable and does not correlate with bacterially infected dentin. 2Additionally, Fusayama et al. observed that dentin areas close to the pulp show a significantly lowerhardness than dentin of a chronical carious lesion...


Evaluation of a 
self-adhesive composite 
in dentin surfacesPreparation with Er,Cr:YSGG laser

Dr Ana Catarina Nogueira da Silva, Prof. Paulo Ribeiro Melo, Prof. Sofia Arantes Oliveira, rof. Norbert Gutknecht, Portugal, Germany

Flowable resin composites appeared in the late1990s, and they have properties like low modulus of elasticity and high wettability, which are very desirable for the clinical work. 1, 2The development of dentistry has eventually led to minimal invasive dentistry,with smaller preparations,givingthe flowable resin composite an important role due to its flow characteristics and easy application. 3...


Smear layer removal with laser in drilled implant holesA pilot study

Dr Alireza Mirzaee, Iran

Dental implants form a new opportunity window for individuals who have lost their teeth due to various reasons such as trauma, dental cariesandperiodontal diseases. 1, 2 According to published papers, less than 8 % of dental implantation surgeries have failed. 3, 4 Formation of smear layer after usage of dentistry tools or by bacterial flora surrounding the implant cavity may, however, result in implant fracture...


Non-ablative melanin depigmentation of gingiva

Dr Kenneth Luk, Hong Kong

Melanin depigmentation of gingiva using various laser wavelengths have been reported for over ten years. 1–5Layer by layer, the mucosa is ablatedto the basal layer of the epithelium where the melanocytes are located. The use of lasers have been compared with the use of scalpel and diamond bur(Fig. 1). 6–9By incorporating the optical properties and absorption characteristics of 810 nm together with specific power parameters,a non ablative technique was developed (Fig. 2). 10 ,11...


Histological effects of NightLase® in the soft palate of ratsA pilot study

Aslıhan Üsümez, Tugba Unver, Emre Aytugar, Tugçe Kıran, Turkey

Snoring is a common problem in adults that affects between 20–50% of the population. 1–3Although there is no exact definition of snoring, theterm indicates a breathing sound that arises during nighttime or daytime sleep. 4The sound of snoringis usually a consequence of the vibration of pharyngeal soft tissue (most commonly soft palate),sotreatmentfocuses on reducingthesevibrations. 4, 5...


Introducing LASOTRONIX— lasers for generations


With more than twenty years of experience in laser technology,LASOTRONIXcovers a wide range of applications, including a variety of therapy accessories.Cutting-edgetechnology is the trademark they all have in common: one unit is set to equal five different devices, making the use of CO, Nd:YAG, low-powerdiode lasers, PAD lamp or an ozone system as well as teeth whitening lamps. Applying the most powerful laser results in the shortest-possible treatment time and low operating costs.


Probing for alternatives - The prevention of dental fear

Dr. Anton Kasenbacher, Deutschland

After scientists from the University of São Paulo have recently investigated a method to replace injection needles—one of the main triggers of dentalanxiety—by a technique entailing less potential for dental fear, this article discusses the factor which is seen as the most prominent cause for dentalphobia worldwide: the dental drill...


Eleven tips for success in your dental clinicPart III: CASCO and PEC

Dr Anna Maria Yiannikos, Germany & Cyprus

Wehavealready reached the third part of our exceptional series on professional success and personal growth, and this jour - ney has the titleEleventips for success in your dental clinic. In this article, you aregoingtoget the critical knowledge and specific tips that I promise you will help youdeal with delays andwith conflict in a more professional and efficient way! Now let’s start with delays! ...


Laser education at its best AALZ Mastership courses in Greece

Dr Dimitris Strakas, Greece

Since 1991, when AALZwas originally founded, a vast number of dentists have been educated and certified as laser experts. It was in 2010 that a newbranch of AALZ has opened its arms in Athens and Thessaloniki, providing courses in laserdentistry for Greek and foreign dentists.


Recognition for ethical and socially-minded business practices


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Editorial: Mit Laser die Zukunft ausleuchten

Kenji Yoshida

Wir heißen Sie alle herzlich zum 15. Kongress der World Federation for LaserDentistry vom 17. bis 19. Juli 2016 in Nagoya, Japan, willkommen!




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Imprint: About the publisher


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