Navigate Surgical Technologies Inc.

Navigate Surgical Technologies Inc.

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Inliant Dental Technologies is developing the world’s most innovative motion tracking and 3D visualization technology. Our first products, Inliant Clinical™ Dental Navigation System and Inliant Educator™ are targeted at the dental market in the areas of Dynamic Surgical Guidance for implant surgery and Advanced Simulation.


Inliant Clinical™

Inliant Clinical™ provides surgeons with visual, real-time, and accurate guidance over patient CT images during implant surgery – helping surgeons drill free hand to a pre planned angle and depth with sub-millimetre accuracy. The cartless system, which integrates seamlessly into the clinic operatory, does not change handpiece ergonomics or tactile feedback. Surgeons work with off-the-shelf handpieces from leading manufacturers that incorporate Inliant’s proprietary laser engraved markers.

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Inliant Educator™

Inliant Educator™ Advanced Simulation generates real-time analysis of planned vs. performed treatments providing dental students with objective feedback in contrast to the subjective feedback provided using traditional teaching methods. The system will enhance a student’s ability to both successfully plan and perform a variety of dental procedures. The system also provides a platform for dental surgical training, with operation similar to Inliant Clinical TM enabling the student and instructor to create, review, and analyze the student’s casework during surgery courses.

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