3. DENTSPLY Implants Kongress (DIKON)

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Digitale Poster-Präsentation | 3. DENTSPLY IMPLANTS KONGRESS

Dr. Pablo Hess

Aesthetic reconstruction with soft and hard tissue management in the anterior upper jaw

Lars Henrik Ahlskog

Individualisierung eines provisorischen Abutment Design EV und Umarbeitung für die provisorische Sofortrekonstruktion bei Sofortimplantation

Dr. Dirk Duddeck

SEM analysis of osseointegrated phosphorous rich implants after 52 weeks in sheep pelvis

Dr. Jahn-Friedrich Dehner

Komplexe chirurgische Rekonstruktion nach Entfernung eines akanthomatösen Ameloblastoms des Unterkiefers und prothetische Rehabilitation mit 6 ASTRA OsseoSpeed™ TX-Implantaten

Uli Hauschild

Angulated Screw Access concept shifts the functional and esthetic boundaries of computer-aided implant dentistry

Dr. Helmut G. Steveling

Immediate implant placement combined with titanium granules – 4 years of clinical experience

Dr. Robert-Marie Frey

Long-term results of a modified crestal sinus floor elevation technique with simultaneous implant placement in the extremely resorbed maxilla

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