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Uli Hauschild

Uli Hauschild Dental Design
Piazza Colombo 29
18038 Sanremo
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Uli Hauschild obtained his degree in Dental Technology in Germany and successfully runs his laboratory in Sanremo, Italy since 1985. Specialized in esthetic and functional prosthesis, he serves an international clientele and looks back on a founded scope of experience with different systems of computer aided implantology.

In order to share his knowledge, he gaves lectures in post-graduate and master programs at the universities of Padua, Genoa and Varese. He also publishes in various scientific and professional journals and is part of the editorial boards of „Cone Beam Dentistry“ the international magazine and he is a senior reviewer of „Implant Dentistry“ the international journal of oral implantology. Uli Hauschild has been a speaker for numerous organizations including the Computer Aided Implantology Academy, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the German Society of Oral Implantology, the European Association of DentalImplantologists and the European Association of Dental Technology. He is a member of the International Dental Excellence Laboratory Group, certified referent of the DGOI, Mentor of Simplant Academy and in the board of directors founding member of the Digital Dentistry Society. He is an expert of the Dental Online College and obtained Fellowship and Mastership status of the ICOI. Both nationally and internationally, he regularly delivers presentations on Implant Dentistry and Computer guided Implantology. As one of the pioneers of computer aided implantology, Uli Hauschild became opinion leader and beta-tester for market leading suppliers.


University Collaborations:

University of Genoa: Docente del Master Universitario di II livello in implantoprotesi 2012/2015

University of Padua: Docente del corso di Perfezionamento in Chirurgia Implantologica Computer Assistita 2009/2013

University of Insubria (Varese): Docente del Master di II livello in Digital Dentistry 2014/2015

University of Gugliemo Marconi (Toscana): Docente del Master universitario in Implantologia Computer Assistita 2016/2017

University of Frankfurt: Guest lecturer MOI 2014

Expert of the Dental Online College

Lecturer Dental Online Community


Member PEERS Germany

Member PEERS Italy

Mentor Simplant Academy

Certified Member “International Dental Excellence Laboratory Group”

Member of the Board CAI Academy 2011/201

Scientific Committee CAI Academy

Referent European Association of Dental Technology

Referent Curriculum DGOI/PSI

Referent USSI/EDI 2012/201

Fellowship ICOI

Mastership Implant Prosthetic Section ICOI

Certified referent of the DGOI

Editor Review Board “International Implant Dentistry Journal”

Editorial Board “International magazine of cone beam dentistry”

Senior Reviewer “International Implant Dentistry Journal”

Founding-father Simplant Study Club Genoa

Founding Member of the “Guided Learning Group”

Certified as “Train the Trainer” from the german chamber of commerce


Founding Member “International Digital Dentistry Society” DD

Member of the Board “International Digital Dentistry Society” DDS

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Poster im Rahmen der Digitalen Poster-Präsentation zum 3. DIKON in Berlin

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